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Our Story

Thank you for interesting with our story.

It all begins with an idea. About five years ago, my wife told me that she wanted to design clothes for herself and other people. What should I do for her? I certainly support her 100%. So we draw, design and find some manufacturers, at first it was difficult for us, there were some problems, such as design style, price, quality and how to cooperate with manufacturers smoothly. You know, we fix them and finally create a clothing brand. Someone said: "If you want to do something, all the world will help you to achieve it." It's right, do you have found the things you really want to do? we wish you do, if you have some ideas, please no hesitate to share with us.

Women's fashion - Funs & Good

There are some progresses we do.

1. Design

Women's fashion-Funs & Good

2. Manufacturing

Women's fashion - Funs & Good

3. Quality Assurance

Women's fashion

4. Photography

Women's fashion-Funs & Good

5. Logistics and Transportation

Women's fashion-Funs & Good

Hope you enjoy our story.

Best wishes for all of you.