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Beautiful summer workplace, let you look forward to going to work every day.

How should I wear it when I go to work? In fact, no matter which company, even if it is a company that does not require clothing, like I used to be in the newspaper, there are some advertising companies. It is best not to be too avant-garde in business wear. But this does not mean that professional clothes can’t be worn. fashion. The fashion professionals in the office can always wear both decent and graceful.

summer wear

summer wear

And wearing clothes, whether it is casual or work clothes, want to have a fan, you must first have your own style. How to find your own style is a topic that is difficult to say in a few words. We will discuss it later. One of the easiest things to do is to look for an idol fashion icon and learn from them.

First, the overbearing female president wind - Victoria Beckham

Must-have items: shirts, wrap skirts, wide-leg pants, pointed high heels

The 41-year-old fashion designer, Bessie, has been crawling and rolling on the road of fashion, and she has become more and more prosperous. Her personal style is very clear. The millennium's cold face is extremely confident and super-powerful, and she is well-deserved in the workplace.

Bessie once wore a white shirt + short wide-leg pants + black pointed high heels in the designer's curtain call after the release of the new product. ▼

summer wear

White shirts have been said too many times, it is a must-have item in every woman's wardrobe, whether you are a newcomer to the workplace or a millennium old demon. Bessie took the mini male version of Victoria, and the way to take the bag is also very good. ▼

white shirts

The classic white shirt is not much to say, the black eight-point wide-leg pants worn by Bellow during the curtain call are the two years of hot money, all kinds of colors. It is more formal to wear a darker when it comes to work. But before Rebecca said, white trousers should be dressed in white and beautiful, in addition to the strong air field, the accessories are also very important, a pair of pointed high heels, a gold watch can add color to black and white. This kind of trousers must be worn with high heels, preferably pointed high heels, otherwise it is a minute hobie.

White shirts

This eight-point wide-leg pants is actually very versatile. In addition to the white shirt, Bellow also teaches you the following two collocation methods to learn. ▼

wide-leg pants

Bessie occasionally wears it easily, and this striped suit looks very summer, with nude pointed heels. ▼

striped suits

The long wide-leg pants are also one of the most commonly worn items in Bellow. She can still wear long legs with a low height. Bright wide-leg pants with a white shirt or top, if you wear a black coat, add a gas field. ▼


Bellow also has a big hand: a wrap skirt. You can also use a shirt to match. The shirt is paired with a wrap dress and the hair is tied up, which is both dignified and charming. Don't want to be too serious and dull, pay attention to the color of the upper and lower body is ok. Light blue shirts are as versatile as white shirts in the workplace. ▼

wrap skirt

If it is not a serious company, you can choose this small split dress, it is more convenient to walk, but you must take a good scale~▼

split dress

Wrap skirts can also be paired with knit tops, knit cardigans, etc. Belle's two-piece pairing is also worth learning. This is the picture of the previous two years. Nowadays, many domestic female stars are very keen on wearing hate. In fact, it was played by Bellow three or four years ago. The pencil skirt she liked at that time was a tight-fitting style. ▼


Over the years, as her design has become more and more recognized by the public, she has become more relaxed and more accessible. This set of summer clothes is obviously more lively than before, and the wine red pointed shoes are quite beautiful. ▼

white dress

To sum up: There are only four summer items that are most commonly used by Bessie: shirts, wrap skirts, wide-leg pants, and pointed high heels. Some people say that she dresses very boring, because her favorite items come back and forth. In fact, most of the fashion styles of the style are similar. The same single item, wearing different styles to wear out their own style, is the master of dressing, but also more referable to ordinary people.

For the average person, two shirts (one piece of white and one other color), two wide-leg pants (one long and one eight, one dark and one light), one wrap (dark), Two pairs of pointed high-heeled shoes (one with a dark nude color), repeated matching, and spending some money to invest in accessories, it is enough to go to work on a Friday day.

Second, elegant intellectual style - Amal Clooney

Must-have items: two-piece skirt, simple One-Piece skirt, small trousers, wide-leg pants, commuter bag

Mrs. Clooney, Amal, is 37 years old and is the world's top lawyer. She is a real-life version of the "Law of the Law". Although it is not a star, Amal has always been highly respected since he entered the public eye. I also have to admire her, in addition to the natural hardware to go through the Yan Zhengzheng Shun, but also in the busy work to clean up their own glory ~ However, carefully observed you will find that she actually has a set of "lazy rules" available Busy beauty borrowed from it. The items she loves are all those that don't need to bother to think about how to match them. Just buy the right pair, even if you want to go out within five minutes, the set will not go wrong. Specifically to eight eight -

For example, Amal likes to wear this small fragrance skirt, elegant and dignified, and does not need to match the upper and lower body. The red and white plaid below is from Oscar de la Renta. ▼

fragrance skirt

Similar to the rough fabric, she also passed through the beige and light purple, intellectual women. If you want to say that the necessary shoes in the workplace, nude shoes and black shoes must be selected, two pairs are enough to match all professional wear. ▼


These two styles of white dresses are also very nice to wear on her. The clothes are all white, and Amal is more vibrant and lively in the choice of bags and shoes. ▼


The weather is hot, and the same skirt is worn. The bee waist wave skirt is not only elegant but also adds more femininity. ▼


She also wears a dress of different colors in the upper and lower body, a common and authentic OL style. The picture on the left is Gucci and the picture on the right is Oscar de la Renta.


One-Piece skirt is also Amal's heart, and you can put it directly on the body without considering the combination. Why do many One-Piece skirts look old-fashioned? That's because you bought the old style! Don't be afraid to show your body shape properly. Many people prefer to choose models that do not reflect the body curve at all in office clothes, and they are worried that they are not professional enough. In fact, the curve is more important for professional wear, of course, a moderate curve, not too tight. Because their styles tend to be more compact, the colors tend to be more neutral, and if they lack a curve, they will look very uninspired. A design like Amal, which has a slightly waist-fit design, and a refreshing color scheme, looks very pleasant. She prefers light color to the color of wheat. ▼


Don't be afraid of light or bright colors. As long as the style is simple and generous, occasionally a little color to illuminate the bleak people in the office! Amal through some light-colored One-Piece, very fresh, very suitable for the workplace fresh people. ▼


The khaki trousers are a piece of OL wind, and Amal uses it with a white top. The picture on the right tells us what is “walking the wind”. ▼


White trousers with black tops, black square buckle shoes, simple and quiet work clothes. Try not to be too long. I found that regardless of men and women, when choosing trousers, they don't pay much attention to the length of the trouser legs. They always put a lot of shoes on the shoes, which really seems very unremarkable. If the leg is long, you can find a tailor to lose it. The trousers are fashionable or old-fashioned, the difference is in this small trousers leg, remember to remember ~ professional women can not step on the high-heeled shoes every day to work, then a pair of low-heeled square buckle shoes is also a wild choice. ▼

white Trousers

Big long legs Amal wear wide-leg pants and also pull the wind. ▼

long leg trousers

Black and white printed wide-leg pants are not regular work items, but Amal uses a simple and common black sleeveless top to create a work LOOK~▼


To sum up: Does Amal's items look ordinary? That's right, there is only one secret in her workplace. It is: Make sure that every piece of your clothes is of fine texture, tailored fit, and can perfectly match your figure. If you are a kind of office worker who is both lazy and fashionable, you can learn from Amal, spend some money, invest in a few suits or One-Piece skirts, and wear simple makeup and accessories. Elegant and intellectual. In addition, she also told us how important a good quality commuter bag is.

Third, simple and elegant style - Jane Keltner de Valle

Essential items: light blue shirt, A-line skirt, one-strap high heel, black pointed high heel, red bag

Jane Keltner de Valle's style is more suitable for young people, a gold and shoulder hair and a variety of skirts is her signature wear. Born and raised in New York, Jane studied English literature and art history at Columbia University and later worked as a fashion news director for Teen Vogue for many years. Innate temperament, coupled with years of fashion, Jane's wear can be highly referenced.

dress trousers

Light blue shirt with LV skirt, wearing the same versatile word with black high heel on the foot, very beautiful red bag from Delvaux, she often back this Belgian brand bag, low-key luxury. Red and blue can also be worn very elegantly.


The same item can show a completely different style because of different combinations. Let's take a look at the comparison with the model, an elegant and simple and handsome. ▼


I just said that the light blue shirt is as versatile as the white shirt in the workplace. Jane likes to use it to match the skirt and it looks very comfortable. In Rebecca's opinion, the two shoes on her feet can be used throughout the summer (but not all black). ▼

jacket skirt

Blue shirt with white skirt, summer refreshing blue and white, to deal with air-conditioned rooms or more formal occasions, wearing a small black suit outside is more OL fan. ▼

skirt black suit

Jane rarely wears trousers. She is a dress-up person. She especially likes to wear an A-line skirt. She said that the A-line skirt is suitable for any occasion. It is especially suitable for the workplace. It is short to the knee. Feminine, long to the middle of the calf, and Jane is clearly convinced. The following set comes from Jason Wu, or a pair of sandals. ▼

skirt sandals

If your company is not particularly serious, the requirements for dressing are not particularly strict. You can also try the very feminine black over-the-knee lace dress. Just remember that the length is longer than the knee and the middle of the calf is good (too short and frivolous) Too long is too holiday style), the lace is not too transparent, the color is refreshing, you can. The upper body is fitted with a striped or polka-dot shirt, and a small black suit or black knit cardigan is worn outside, without any frivolity. Also very suitable for girls working in air-conditioned rooms. ▼


Of all the various A-line skirts, the most suitable for office workers is of course the classic black over-the-knee A-line skirt, which can be successfully created with a shirt. But it is a bit dull, so you need a beautiful bag to light up. ▼

white shirt, skirt

In fact, these colors, such as brown and apricot, are also suitable for the workplace. If you are tired of blue and white shirts, try a beige, light almond shirt that is more gentle. ▼


Small split dresses, elegant shirts with shirts, red bags and high-heeled sandals are all versatile. ▼


To sum up: Jane's style is more suitable for younger and more loved girls in dresses. Take her as an example, because she told us that professionalism and small freshness can coexist at the same time, as long as you can spend a little thought on the accessories, such as a red bag. The A-line skirt is a versatile item. People who don't buy it can buy it. The black A-line skirt in my closet is also one of the most photographed items in the whole year!

Fourth, capable neutral wind - Emmanuelle Alt

Essential items: black skinny jeans, blazer, shirt, belt, black pointed shoes

Emmanuelle Alt is 48 years old and is the fashion editor of the French version of Vogue. She has a typical French style, a lazy and messy hairstyle, a hermaphrodite neutral dress, and a resounding devil. The foreign media called her a "mafia" and it was also a pretty image. ▼

black suit

In the eyes of many people, jeans and the workplace are simply "dead rivals." It seems that the formal dress should emphasize that you can't wear jeans. In fact, in most workplaces that do not require formal wear, black skinny jeans are still very useful. All Black can be a very devilish head, a high-powered female boss can do this, and students who are new to the workplace can also do this. This style can be worn from 20 to 50. ▼

black suit

Black jeans with denim shirts or light blue shirts, shoes must be pointed and dedicated. The belt is a good helper to enhance the shape.

shirt, belt

Many companies can wear casual wear on Fridays. If you love jeans, you can put on blue jeans. How can I not be so casual? With a shirt and pointed shoes, the belt will be even better!


The ripped jeans are paired with a small black suit, while at the same time relaxing without losing the skill. This is a good example of how big a hole in a holed jeans is. It’s big enough to leak the wind. ▼

black suit jeans

A well-cut blazer is definitely worth investing in office workers, and one second can make you very stylish. If you like, it can be worn every day, as long as you change the color of the inside, change the pair of shoes, there will be different feelings. ▼

black suit

The devilish head of the neutral wind also likes to wear a gray suit, like the left-hand figure with a black and white gray fashion. ▼


Black leather suits and black leather pants are also available if your gas field is strong enough. ▼

black leather suits

To sum up: Emmanuelle Alt tells us that there are not many clothes, and there is a type of spirit. The type of item she uses repeatedly is much simpler, such as shirts and blazers, which are all common items in the workplace. The same is the middle of the practice, some people wear really MAN, but she wears a sense of fashion (her face is not beautiful), the details are still worth learning, pointed shoes (high school low heel All are pointed), belts, bracelets are the details of the real chapter. There must be no more accessories in the workplace, but it must not be without it. It is necessary to have a proper amount of pressure on the scene. A clavicle chain, a good watch, and a pair of good shoes can make the dull clothes glow. Do not believe you try ~

Five, bright and lively style - Caroline Issa

Essential items: suit suit, vest, dress, bow shirt

I usually like to watch street shooting. It is no stranger to Caroline Issa. She is the fashion director of Tank magazine. She is 38 years old and was born in Canada. She is a Chinese, a mother. When I was a teenager, I worked as a model, and I am very good. Now I am involved in design work in addition to being a fashion director. Compared with the previous ones, she is more bold and interesting in color matching and single product use, and is very suitable for sisters who are not willing to be dull in the workplace.

Caroline is best at wearing a variety of styles of suits, her shoes are very flexible and interesting. For example, the light blue suit below, she is paired with two different styles of dark blue shoes, the style is very different. Therefore, shoes are often the key to positioning the whole body style. ▼

blue suit

She also often wears bow-tie shirts and suits to wear, more style. This bow shirt is very feminine and elegant, and the suit often has an eye-catching effect.


I like it very much with the wine red suit + pink bow shirt. ▼

red wine suit

Caroline also likes to wear vests in a variety of styles. The vest is also very easy to create a single item for the workplace, especially the vest with the suit collar, wearing a white shirt and a thin waistband outside, which is stylish and stylish. ▼


In the hot summer, the vest can be worn alone. This small A-line vest is very suitable for pear shape. ▼


Vest suit pants and suit skirt, very suitable for the workplace ~▼



red skirt

The combination of yellow and blue contrast is very eye-catching. ▼

yellow trousers

Caroline's style is still more suitable for office workers who are not strict with the dress code. The shirt skirt is another item that she loves to wear. The following set of beautiful style, shirt-style neckline and waist design makes it appear in the office is not surprising, retro red lips add a lot of color. But she is paired with two pairs of very personal shoes - all I don't like haha. ▼

shirt skirt

The shirt skirt is also a must-have fashion item for lazy people. She really loves and wears a belt. Whether it is a suit, a vest, a skirt or a shirt, she can use a belt to create a different style. ▼

shirt skirt

The shirt skirt with a belt and a black suit is an elegant professional LOOK. It will not be rude to any formal occasion. Retro red lips with a sleek hair, also quite glamorous and generous. ▼

shirt skirt

To sum up: Caroline Issa, for example, says that in the workplace, many people may find it less informative because she is too bold in color application. But I just feel that I don't always have to choose black and white ash when I go to work, or because I said the color scheme a long time ago: "Don't always buy clothes that are too ordinary in style and color. The wardrobe is full. Such clothes are boring. Fashion should be lively, interesting and colorful" (from Garcia's "Style").

Although you have to dress properly, you should not be blind, but many units with high requirements for the profession will be uniformed. The girls who don’t wear uniforms should never wear clothes like uniforms. Occasionally come with different items and color schemes, so that you can feel more comfortable when you go to work, and it will make others shine!

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